Friday, November 18, 2005

M: save our bluths!

If you haven't heard the sad, sad news, Arrested Development is being shat on again by those retards at Fox. They've been pulled from November sweeps (whatever that means), and Fox has cut the number of episodes this season to 13. No final word yet on the cancellation, but the outlook is not good.

However, the writers at Arrested Development seem to be taking it all in stride, and are fighting back. Taken from

Seg, dubbed “S.O.B.s” — for “Save Our Bluths” — finds the show’s Bluth family fighting to save their fictional construction company. They decide to mount a big event — “Some kind of ‘Save Our Bluths’ type thing,” as George Bluth Sr. says in the script for the episode. […]

In one scene, Jason Bateman’s character, Michael, notes, “Our backs are against the wall. … It’s just hard for me to accept that it’s really come to begging.”
There’s also a conversation about whether the Home Builders Organization — HBO — might be willing to save the Bluths. When that idea is nixed, George Sr. says, “I guess it’s Showtime. We’ll put on some kind of show at the dinner.” […]

“We’ve had plenty of chances,” Bateman’s character says. “Maybe the Bluths just aren’t worth saving. Maybe we’re just not that likeable. Who’d want to spend a half-hour with us if they didn’t have to?”

You gotta love those guys.

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Almostgrace said...

I actually wrote a letter to FOX and mailed it yesterday. This is terrible news but I think HBO or Showtime might pick up the show...I hope!