Friday, November 18, 2005

M: got pom?

Hmmm... Is it just me, or does it feel like this is slowly moving from "our" blog to "my" blog? (Just a quick cheap shot a B who hasn't posted in forever.)

When I was growing up in the OC, we had a
pomegranate tree in the backyard. The fruits were beautiful, but for some reason we never ate them. I took a couple in for show and tell once and opened it up and passed out the seeds to the other kids in the class. I got home and told my mom what a hit the pom was, and she said, "hmmm... I always kinda thought they were poisonous..." From then on, I was a little afraid to eat the poms from my backyard.

Then I found the pom martini at the Jitterbug in Wallingford, and my opinion of the pom changed drastically. Man those were good.

And this past weekend, B and I broke open a pom (my first fresh pom since the third grade), and proceeded to gorge on pom seeds while spraying the bright red juice all over the walls and the floor (I think the dog got some too). We realized that was probably the reason my mom said they were poisonous - she didn't want us making that mess in her kitchen...

I've since found a new realm of the blog world - food blogs. These people are amazingly creative and the food they discuss looks consistently fabulous. The
Obsession With Food blog led me to this article about cooking with poms. Good stuff. And the Is My Blog Burning site has all sorts of community food blogging events. If we're awake enough after the Death Cab For Cutie show on Saturday night (YAY!) I think I'd like to contribute to the Sunday Breakfast fun, and we'll definitely do the next Wine Blogging Wednesday, as this is occasionally how I like to buy wines anyway...

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Bodie said...

Everytime I look at the title of this post I see "Got Porn?" Hmmm!