Tuesday, November 15, 2005

M: updatin'

Yes, yes, we've been pretty lame about posting lately. It's been busy at work and the days are flying by before we even have a chance to think about spending some quality bloggin time. One of my people quit and I'm slowly finding out that the trust I gave that person was misguided, and the work that was actually being done was far less than the work I had thought was being done. Lesson learned.

I've realized that this blog is posted up on a knitters group, and thus some knitting content may be appreciated. Unfortunately, I've gotten onto a crazy gift knitting spree and can't really discuss the goings on here. I did however make it to the Hilltop East sale on Friday and splurged a bit on some yarn for me. Just some hats and scarves, but fun nonetheless. Last night with the girls I started a corkscrew scarf (for me!) using a beautiful shimmery yarn (
Rowan Soft Lux); after a few failed attempts at starting, I think I've finally got the pattern fixed!

With all the goings-on right now, I'm a little surprised that we haven't been bloggin much. Maybe our outrage is so out of control that it's difficult to actually put it into words and organize our thoughts. Or maybe we're just lazy. Yeah, it's probably that second one.


susan said...

Not to hijack a post about great yarn with babbling on a past topic, but I was cut off in traffic on 520 by a truck/large van. It had a logo for "Higher Power Energy", which had the words framing a jesus fish. Don't know if it was a crazy electrician's business ("I trust in God to replace my wiring"??) or just an individual espousing his beliefs, but had to post and let you both know. :-)

mandy said...

That's hilarious!

And don't worry about hijacking the post. It really had no point anyway. ;)