Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the post of potential posts*

Something happened this weekend that made me think, "I should really blog about that." And it was really good too. And then, sure enough, Monday morning rolled around and I could not, for the life of me, remember what it was. I did remember though, that it was not:

  • The wierd recurring dream I've been having that I'm back in school but I've lost my schedule and I can't seem to find my classes; or
  • The fact that, although most fast food commercials show their burgers to look absolutely amazing and fresh with crisp yummy vegetables and toasty buns, the burgers never come close to looking that good in real life; or
  • How even with the above statement being true, the McDonalds Egg McMuffin ad looks disgusting. Eggs aren't supposed to look like that! ; or
  • The funniest Family Guy ever on Sunday night; or
  • How "the second place winners are always a little weird, like a Chinese girl, or a geologist"; or
  • That the majority of the senior people in my company are old white men educated in an archaic time and don't understand that the times are indeed a'changin'; or
  • Cars should be cheaper; or
  • That since cars are not cheaper, B was forced to drive down to P-Town at 4AM on Monday morning with a stick holding up his passenger side window; or
  • How odd it is that we get a vast number of hits from people searching for “smelly pee” and “turkey disguise.”

Oh well. I tried. Apparently it doesn’t matter much though, because the people are more interested in smelly pee and turkey disguises. And my personal favorite, "magma sex."

*Title blatantly stolen from WTOMTL. Thanks Rob!


susan said...

hahaha. while the car window is clearly not funny in real life, the way you phrased it has me laughing. and my poor right-coast brain still thinks P-town is Providence, RI, and thus I can never figure out why he doesn't just *fly*... :-)

greyguitar said...

Ha--when I initially read the title, I said outloud "hey.. that's.." and then the big pause while I read the fine print. kind of like the end of car commercials where the voiceover talks really fast in a monotone and all you can understand is 'void where prohibited.'

so anyways, i can't tell you how many times i've said "oh i can't wait to blog about that. now don't forget it." then i sit in front of the empty text box just waiting for that hysterical moment to revisit my brain. it never does.

and, how weird is it that i see that quote about a chinese and a geologist TWO days in a row. another geologist friend of mine sent me that line b/c it cracked her up too. suppose i should watch arrested devpt from now on.

Bodie said...

It was the driver side window, and yes it is funny. If I were poor and this was my only means of transportation to get to a job that I can't afford to lose it would be sad. But it is it is funny because we can afford a new car but we are cheap, cheap, cheap bastards.