Monday, December 19, 2005

B: File in B for Bastard

Turns out Bush ordered all sorts of americans be spied upon. Hopefully there were some potential terrorists on the list, but it also included peace groups, and people that politically oppose the Bush administration or the war in Iraq. How does spying on a Michigan christian groups that helps parents stop military recruiters from calling their underage children at home prevent terrorism? It doesn't, but that is one of the many groups that Bush gave the NSA orders to spy on. It should have been patently obvious to even the most casual observer that these people were not a security threat, but that wasn't the issue. These people were doing something that the intelligence community deemed non-beneficial their cause and so they were wire tapped, had all of their e-mails read and they may have had their homes invaded and wired.

I might be surprised, but because I know Bush is a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling, I was already expecting the worst of him, and he hasn't disappointed me. Question is have they spied on you? You have looked at this blog, and I have an FBI file because I have low level security clearance, so it is a possibilitythat you are on a list of potential dissidents. Keep in mind, if you or people you consort with are opposed to this government Bush has given notice that Big Brother will be watching.

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susan said...

It's such a crazy issue. I know so many people whose reaction to this news was, "The terrorists deserve to be spied on." Unfortunately, that's such a naive viewpoint. The entire point of a warrant is that you have to show, to a minimal standard, that someone's a terrorist before you start spying. Without the warrant, anyone is fair game for ANY reason. It's isn't like a scary amount of your life isn't public information anyway, but this is beyond the pale. I don't think I'm exactly a law-breaking dissident, but if you had all of my mail, email, and conversations taped for a year, I'm sure you could make a semi-convincing court case, as you could for anyone else.

Preaching to the choir, I'm sure, but I'm glad to see you wrote about it. I too wasn't surprised, but I hope people get at least a bit scared and up in arms over it.