Friday, December 02, 2005

B: Yes I have been called the Grinch more than once

If you are anything like me you despise useless crap. This includes most things which exhibit low levels of the universal concept of quality. So this year, just like every year, I am encouraging other to give non-permanent, renewable gifts. These might be mail order steaks or chocolates, fancy oils or vinegars, fancy salt or vanilla beans, beer of the month, or even one of those ridiculous Nieman Marcus cakes. Magazines even count in my book because they are transient and recycleable.

The point is that most of us have way more than we need, and don't really have the time to use what we have, so why do we put so much stress on each other to pick out the most perfect piece of junk for each other? So as part of this I am posting here a list of things I would like and that others might like too:

A box of Fran's Dark Chocolates (I love chocolates with nuts, and carmels but any flavor is great)

Some fancy Sea Salt

A small bottle of REAL basalmic vinegar (If you thought all balsalmic was real, then don't bother with this one)

A subscription to Scientific American

Some of those Alpaca wool Dalghreen socks (all right, these are stuff but the way I go through socks, I can really use them)

Some mail order steaks, or even just some really nice steaks from the butcher with a bow or something

A pound of super fancy coffee (think 100% Kona Peaberry)

A homemade cake or pie, or even a nice ultra sour homemade sourdough bread

Anything else yummy and a luxury that I might not buy for myself. And remember a gift card to a place that sells stuff is almost the same thing as giving stuff, so make sure the person can actually use something form the store before giving that gift.


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