Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A few weeks ago we picked up a new (bigger and badder) aquarium from Susan so that we might eventually switch a tank over to salt water coral reef, but for now I am switching my planted tank to the new 55 gallon and I will be putting African cichlids in the 40 gallon tall.

This is the tank as it got home:

The kitty wasn't included. We ended up getting a pair of 110W fixtures so that we will have significantly more light (and a shallower tank) than the previous setup. This is how it looks after 1 week. Unfortunately most of the fish are hiding.

Here are a coupple of the fish that weren't hiding.

The 40 gallon is sitting empty right now because I am just getting the 55 to the point that I am willing to stop messing with it for a bit. Over the course of a month or two the plants will grow in and I will get inspired to fill in the right side of the tank because it is pretty empty at the moment. I have been thinking about possibly fabbing up a custom concrete background for the 40 gallon tank like one of these, but much cooler.


susan said...

The cat is too funny. :-) The plants are awesome. And the fish. All around, good pets. :-)

plus, I like the new background color. Pretty!

greyguitar said...

I am impressed!!

It's settled now. I'm definitely searching for tadpoles again this spring.