Friday, February 10, 2006

M: fondue? more like fon-don't.

B knew that I'd been dying to try the fondue restaurant, and so he caved and took me last Friday. I'd heard so many good things about it and it sounded like so much fun. Cheesy fondue, meaty fondue, chocolate fondue... How could we go wrong?

It started out good enough. I found the cheesy fondue to be quite good. I think I could have just eaten cheesy fondue and been okay. B on the other had wasn't too fond (no pun intended) of the last minute addition of cherry brandy. There was a cherry brandy incident not too long ago and I think that slight flavor reminded him of the outcome of the evening. I couldn't taste it, but then again, I wasn't involved in the cherry brandy incident.

Then for the main course. I had heard that the way to go was with the broth. Easy, healthier, and still tastes quite good (or so they say). We went with the veggie broth with the wine and spices added to make it that much more interesting. BAD idea. We started eating and everything ended up tasting like the wine broth mixture (which wasn't too good to begin with). And really, everything was just poached. Poached beef? No. Didn't work. Poached pork? Nope. To top it all off, we're eating and cooking and sitting on our table is this extremely unappatizing plate of raw mushy meat. Meat that doesn't even taste good after you cook it. Yuk.

We should have gone all out and stuck with the oil. It would have been messier and greasier but I'm thinking it would have tasted better too. Come on - deep fried pork? Now we're talking.

By the end of the meal, when we were getting steamed by the wine-broth, we had decided to cut our losses and not get dessert. It's really too bad, because that probably would have been the highlight of the evening. But really, by that time, we were so bummed that we had spent so much on such a crappy experience that we wanted to run away from the whole thing. Oh well. I won't go back for a meal, but maybe I'll try to convince B to take me there simply for the chocolate.

Happy Friday everyone!

May says "
adopt me"!


marian said...

I've noticed that most of your 'adopt me' pics are of pit bulls and pit bull mixes...are you a fellow pit bull fan? We have the cutest pit bull grand-dog, and we just love him!!

mandy said...

Heck yes! We are strong supporters of the pit bull. They can be the cutest most wonderful dogs who unfortunately end up getting a pretty bad rap. And really, what's cuter than a pit bull puppy?

Before we got Luna, we tried to adopt a pit bull but neither the humane society nor the pit bull rescue project would give one to us becuase of the strong restrictions in the city we're in. We were extremely frustrated that there were so many pit bulls awaiting adoption but there was nothing we could do! (Although I'm really glad that we ended up with Luna!)

You should bring a picture of your pit grand-dog to knitting tomorrow. I'd love to see him!