Wednesday, February 08, 2006

M: That's so funny.

I've decided that I need to be on Wheel of Fortune. As far as game shows go, I respect Jeopardy the most, and I would love to be on that, as the people who win seem really really smart (or at least they know a lot of stuff). We've always joked that people who couldn't get onto Jeopardy ended up on Wheel. However, big winners on Jeopardy only get to the $30,000 range. Sure, you can come back the next day and win more, but that's a lot of work. Now Wheel, on the other hand, some lucky couple won $130,000 in one night! Last night another couple won $63,000! I'd like to see that on Jeopardy. Bring it on!

And after watching Wheel (yes, I'll admit it), an ad came on the tele for an organization that I hadn't seen in a while: the Senior Housing Assistance Group. Yes, that's right,
SHAG. Not only is it funny that their acronym is SHAG, it's more the fact that they constantly refer to themselves as SHAG. Even without a chuckle! I don't think I'd be able to do an ad for them without laughing. Maybe they look for people who don't laugh at jokes and instead just say "that's so funny." Maybe that's how they can get people to talk about SHAG without laughing.

And wasn't Turk's dance last night just absolutely classic? I've been singing Bel Biv DeVoe all day.


greyguitar said...

seriously.. that's so funny.

one of my goals in life is to be on a game show. when i was younger, i wanted to be on family fued. i just knew i could get the 200 points in the final round.

mandy said...

I totally agree. B and I were just talking about getting our families to be on family feud... and soon came to the conclusion that it would be a bad idea. maybe we should put together a fake family.