Monday, March 27, 2006

B: Iran ran ran so far away

I am back for awhile.

I was mostly curious to hear what people think about the goings on with Iran. It's a sticky situation that I haven't really formed an opinion on. This is my thought train so far:

Iran with nukes= bad
Invasion of Iran = vey bad
Bombing Iran = not good
Espionage in Iran = ???
International intervention = probably ineffectual

I am not sure that I see a path for the US to tread on the nuke iran issue that doesn't result in our making a brand new middle eastern quagmire for ourselves. What if we were to just step away and let the rest of the world lead on this one and concentrated on our Iraq fumblings? Can the world be trusted to work this out without us? Can we even trust the intelligence that they are 5-10 years from a bomb? The intelligence over the last decade really hasn't been that impressive.

What about N. Korea? We can assume they have several nukes, and sufficient delivery to drop them on Seoul or Tokyo. Are we spending our resources on a possible threat in a decade from Iran over the actual threat from N. Korea using or more likely selling their weapons?

Curious where people are on this.

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