Monday, April 03, 2006

B: Disco Dancing Alligators

I was on my way home from from a job in Spokane on Thursday (that's a 300 mile drive across the state) when I heard this amazing interview with Thomas Friedman of the NY Times on Fresh Air. It gave me chills. The topics included Iran, Iraq, Denmark, globalization and energy policy. The loyal Bushies will hate just about everything he has to say, but I hope reasonable liberals and conservatives can find his perspectives enlightening. His take on Iraq and Iran and the price of failing in one on the other is frightening. If you are into this sort of thing this interview is a gem. Listen to it now!

On other news, I am in Pasco right now. It is a depressing rural/industrial hub city in central Washington and a member of the ignomous Tri-Cities. They are all so unremarkable that they are lumped into one city. I forgot my book so now I have to go out and try to find something decent to read. A decent bookstore is tough to find in most major cities. Wonder how I'll do in Pasco. Wish me luck. At least it will be easy to find decent Mexican food here.

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