Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A: dressed up alligators and disco dancin neighbors

That was nice. Things were getting a little crazy and there were secrets (!) that we couldn't divulge so it was good to take a break.

Secrets! (Well actually just one. We think.) Is the anticipation killing you yet? I love that B has just been blogging along and is waiting for me to spill the beans. So exciting...

Things have calmed down a bit here at work, and we've actually got a real computer to replace the laptop that I got 10 years ago when I started college (actually, now that I think about it, it actually only dates back 9.5 years, as it was a replacement for the the original which was burned to a crisp when my roomate tried to burn down our dorm room, but that's another story; and the hard drive was actually replaced 3 years later after the original one crashed, along with my senior thesis and my sanity, but that's another story too), which means that we also have real internet and we can acutally upload our music and photos at home. Technology is amazing stuff. So I'm not as concerned about the internet nazis anymore, as I do have a backup plan.

Did I mention we have a secret?

We watched
Good Night, and Good Luck last weekend and it was an amazing movie. I would highly recommend it. Acutally if I could force people to watch it, I would. Check it out. It's a bit depressing at times, but it really hit home and I've got to give George credit for making it. Where is the Edward R. Murrow of today???

Okay, okay, enough taunting. And really I can't think of much else to drag on about.

Drum roll please...

We're having a baby!

(Pretty good secret, eh?)

Yep, you read it right. Come late September, we'll be welcoming another member to our Cumulus clan.

(I got to listen to the heartbeat again this morning. Now that's some crazy shit. There's a little miniature heart beating like crazy inside my belly. I rock!)

So that's the big news. Now hopefully you can understand why things have been a little crazy 'round these parts. Between the sleepyness and the excitement and the not being able to tell anyone, I was overwhelmed.

So that's it. The big secret. Exciting, eh?


greyguitar said...

Awesome. Congratulations guys!

I actually let out a "ahhh!" when I read it.

Aww, a little baby cumulus.

Noir Muse said...


How wonderful!

susan said...

Yay, you're back!! And that's SO exciting!! Congratulations to both of you!

Planet John said...

If it's a boy I think you should name him John.

mandy said...

Thanks everyone! We're pretty excited over here too.

And yes John, of course we will name our first born after you. Was there any doubt? ;)