Monday, April 10, 2006

B: "I told you so", has a brother...

and his name is Shut the Hell up! - Monty Burns

I have thought for awhile now that the Simpsons jumped the shark about 5 years ago, and yet I keep watching. Mostly it is beacause there is so little on, but partially it is because of great quotable nuggets like that.

The worst part about Sunday night TV is that there really isn't much on between my 2 Sunday shows of Simpsons and Family Guy so I have become hooked on that show Charmed. Sure sure, I know it's lame, but once you are hip to the plot it is easy to just keep tuning in for the second half to see whats going on. All the actresses are pretty and there is this weird sci-fi magic thing going on which is kind of a girlpower thing with little to no actual feminist message. The special effects aren't very special which makes them a little endearing. I don't know why, but I keep tuning in. The whole thing is both lame and likeable. Kind of like Tom Hanks.

I admit, am curious how they going to get whats her face's husband back, and now that Billie's sister has turned up what is going to happen? Again, lame. I blame this whole problem with lame addictive chick shows on Aaron "Beezlebub" Spelling.

Man I hate that guy. He is the new Meg.


mandy said...

See what happens when we get rid of cable? Its not that we actually turn off the TV for that half hour - we instead are forced (forced, I tell you) to watch really bad TV. And then we get hooked. Maybe TV should be the new Meg.

F. Seattle said...

My hubby and I have been quoting that Simpson's line for a week and a half now. We could watch it three times a weeknight if we wanted to (that's how often it is on), but we usually refrain.

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