Tuesday, April 11, 2006

M: stinkin neighbor...

Our friend John recently had this post about celebrity resemblances that led me to myheritage.com, which scans a picture of your face and tells you what celebrity you resemble most. It's pretty fun stuff if you have a couple minutes to waste. I turned out to be a combination of Joni Mitchell, Sigourney Weaver, and Scarlett Johansson, among others.

I put B's picture in there and came up with a few resemblances, one of which was none other than Michael J. Fox. I'm dead serious. Just to be fair, there was also Ricky Martin and Johnny Knoxville, but then again there was also Bill Cosby. Hmmm... I think I like mine better.

Neither of our pictures resembled Fred Rogers, but this weekend's
This American Life had an interview with him. That man is way nice. Just listening to him really makes you want to become a better person. You start to feel bad about how you really don't know your neighbors and how you really ought. So as I was making some homemade bread on Saturday, I thought that because the recipe makes two loaves, I should really offer up the second loaf to my neighbor. That would really be the neighborly thing to do. Yep. That was it. I had made up my mind to give the second loaf to my neighbor.

Except then the bread came out of the oven and it was sooooo good. I mean not just yummy homemade bread good, but probably the best bread I've ever made good. It came out of the oven Sunday night and by Monday morning we had almost finished the first loaf. And I couldn't do it. I am way too selfish, and couldn't give up my second loaf of bread! I started to try to rationalize it (slaving over a hot oven, took two days to make, etc) but really its just because I am totally selfish and couldn't imagine giving up that bread to someone I barely even know, neighbor or not.

Now, with my belly full of cinnamon-raisin goodness, I'm feeling bad. I think this weekend I'll have to whip up a batch of cookies to take over there. Darn Mr. Rogers.


Bodie said...

Man, I just can't get away from that guy. Bill Cosby I just don't get though.Weird.

Don't feel too about the bread though, because I would never have let you give bread that good and hard to make away. I've met our neighbors and they just aren't worth it. Cookies maybe, bread never. Isn't it enough that we always make great treats for the HOA meetings?

Are you telling me you built a time machine out of a delorean?

d-made said...

Admitting is the first step to recovery :) No worries, I'm afraid to knock on my neighbors door to borrow a wrench.