Wednesday, May 03, 2006

B: a vote for scientology??

We really want to see the new Mission Impossible movie because Phillip Seymour Hoffman is the bad guy and he kicks ass (If you didn't see Capote, see it). The problem is that with the recent Tom Cruise is a scientology nut job controversy, I am afraid that by buying a ticket to this movie, I am showing my support for him and his silly cult. I am pretty anti-that guy so I am not realy interested in filling his bloated crazy pockets and full filling his vision of himself as a dianetic messiah, lending creedence to the power of this cult, or really even spending 2 hours staring at his stupid face. But I still want to see the movie.

How can we not suppot Tom Cruise and go see this movie? Mandy has suggested that we ask at the theater to buy a ticket for another movie, with the understanding that we actually want to see MIP3. I doubt they would go for that and I do want to show support of mainstream roles for great actors like Hoffman.

Is seeing this movie in effect a vote for scientology? Is there a difference between this movie and Pulp Fiction? Travolta is also a big proponent of scientology and that movie made him some serious coin. Wish there was a way to indicate your distain for certain actors while registering support for these sorts of artistic endevours. I also can't help that I love the movie Legend even though it is an early Tom Cruise work.

What to do?


countjrg said...

I don’t recall whether or not we’ve had this conversation but Tom Cruise, but I used to hate him too. Then a friend pointed out to me that he really hasn’t made a bad move since Days of Thunder. Really think about it! The only exception might be MI2, but that was so bad it was actually good. (John Woo baby!) Magnolia, Collateral, Minority Report, Eyes Wide Shut, Vanilla Sky….those are some good flicks! And while I agree that Scientology is loathsome, I actually find myself in agreement with many of Tom Cruise’s rants about psychology and psychotropic drugs. ALL THAT TO SAY… don’t let Tom Cruise deter you from MI3.

Bodie said...

I agree that Tom Cruise has made relatively few stinkers. In general he is a decent actor with better than average luck in choosing good scripts and projects.

This makes him that much more insidious. It could obviously be conveyed that this prosperity is the result of his cult practices.

As for the psycho babble, I am not sure. I have no idea what he said, but I am always wary of un- an undereducated people that rail against the medical establishment.

People are generally against organ transplants, or extreme measures of resusitation, or genetic treatment, or drug therapies for severe depression until they need them. Let it be his teenager with a bad heart, in a coma, with sickle cell anemia, or comptemplating suicide and we'll see where Tom places the value of these therapies. I'll bet he jumps up an down on a couch and screams for his love of the researchers at John Hopkins.

We'll probably see the movie.