Monday, June 05, 2006

B: you can call me al

Lots of people are speculating about the old Gore'meister lately and wondering if he will run for prez again. He was on the tube the other day talking about how awesome it was when he invented the internet or something, and saying that he would probably not run, but that just made all the talking heads want him that much more. To me he's old news, but then again so is Hillary and McCain but that seems like the trend. It's like it's 1998 again and nobody expects that idiot from Texas.

oh well...

In other news, MA (a friend) and I rode the Cooper River trail from the lower trailhead and it still had snow for the first mile or so. That was a bit of a slog. Pushing the mountain bike through melty snow and icy puddles isn't my idea of great fun but the lower section of the trail was nice and we definitely got the first run of the trail for the season. At least I was only pushing 28 pounds of bike instaead of MAs 45 pounds. Lower trail had clean lines, no ruts and just a few trees in the way. sweeeeet!

After that we rode the rail trail from the summit down to north bend. other than riding the tunnel with no light, that was a big snooze fest. Good mileage though.

Now as a public service I would like to reccomend against consuming this product.

Tilt is gross and not good for consumption before during or after a mountain bike ride. it is almost guaranteed to make you feel like a 13 year old drinking coolaid with vodka stolen from you mom's liquor cabinet on the school bus on the way to another day at middle school in which you may or may not get into a fight, but either way you dread it.

Yep, it's that good.


countjrg said...

B! I've been awaiting your review on an inconvenient truth! Have you seen it? I've been shaking in my boots from the previews alone.

Bodie said...

Nah! Probably will just wait for to come out on NetFlix. I hope anybody that still doesn't believe global warming is real will go see this movie, but those are exactly the people that won't go see a movie with such a clearly biased liberal agenda.

The fact that people don't get it yet baffles me, but so did the results of the last election, so I am obviously out of touch with the general population of this nation. He is mostly preaching to the choir, but I guess there is some utility in that. It is an analog to putting forward a constitutional amendment you know can't get passed. Sure it's lame pandering, but people fall for that shit all the time.