Sunday, June 18, 2006

M: everything I know about babies I learned from Sex And The City.

Sad but true. I'm realizing as we're reading the giant (and aptly named) Baby Book that before I got pregnant, I knew two things about babies:
1. The umbilical cord remains are pretty gross, and when it falls off, don't let your cat get a hold of it.
2. Bouncy/vibrating baby seats are sometimes the only thing that will work to make the kid stop crying. And if the chair breaks, you can put your oversized "massager" in the chair with baby and that generally works just as well.

It's a totally different world now. We're plowing through (sometimes much too informative) chapters on skin disorders and bumpy heads and explosive poops and cloth vs disposable and the best ways to breastfeed. Sometimes it's pretty exciting, but most times it's just overwhelmingly stressful and scares the shit out of me. Gives me butterflies in my stomach. But then again, that's probably just the baby cruising around.

And yes, I'm getting bigger. I weigh more than I've ever weighed before, and I've still got another 10 lbs to pack on. Crazy. The belly seems to be stretched way tight - how much can skin stretch?

In other news, I finally finished the clapotis! Here are a couple blocking photos.

I used just about 5 balls of Noro Silk Garden Lite (a little left over - maybe enough for some booties perhaps?), and US 7 needles (I think). A few changes - it is a bit longer and thinner than the original - the finished dimensions are just under 6 feet long, and 18 inches wide (I got a little carried away with the knitting, and it blocked out a lot bigger than expected). I also twisted the stitches on both the knit and purl sides, as Susan recommended.

I love the finished product and can't wait to wear it. Good thing it's not too warm yet.

And yes, that is Luna peeking out from under the bed. That's her favorite place to hang out, by far.

Next on the needles is the Baby Surpirise Jacket in Koigu. Cutest baby jacket ever!


susan said...

Oh, wow! It's so *pretty*. I've completely stalled on mine, so you'll have to bring it to knitting and jog my incentive.

And I love the title. :-)

marian said...

lovely, just lovely...I started this some time ago, haven't got past the first set of increases, but you've inspired me to get going!