Monday, July 03, 2006

M: sure sounds like a seinfeld episode

A woman that I work with gave me a bunch of baby stuff – saucers and swings and jumpers and the like. It was really nice of her, even if I was just helping clean out her garage. Over the weekend I baked her some super yummy chocolate chip cookies. I brought them in to give to her today but she took the day off, so they’re just sitting on her desk.

It’s now 3:00 PM and I’m a little hungry. And I know those cookies are damn good. And they are just sitting on her desk.

I have this overwhelming urge to go take one, but I know someone will walk by at the wrong time and see me. And then I would have to try to explain but it’s not going to sound good.

I mean really, they’re just going to waste there on her desk. By the time she gets them on Wednesday they’re not going to be nearly as yummy. Well crap – now I think I should just go over there and take the whole damn bag back. Her loss, right?


*Jerry, that is.

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