Monday, July 17, 2006

B: Home made

We have just begun to eat our first home grown totmatos of the season and it is wonderful. We only have sun gold cherrys and one red cherry so far, but my first early girl will be ripe tomorrow or Wednesday. After that we look to be buried under a deluge of tomato. It is going to rock! We are probably going to can some whole and try to make some sauce as well. We will probably try to share some around, but only to people that have some appreciation that those rock hard flavorless red orbs one buys at the store are to real tomatos what Uncle Ben is to rice. I will not waste this red gold on people that don't love tomatos. You have to want to take a huge bite out of one like it is an apple. Otherwise no tomato for you!

Other new. I learned how to repair a dryer this weekend and we went to Lake Chelan. Dryers are amazingly simple, just a series of switches really. Had to replace a bad thermostatic switch and a door switch and we are back to warm dry clothes. YAY! Lake Chelan was even better. The geology there is amazing, the water was warmish and the weather was beautiful. We went here and got some wine. I split a bottle of the Reisling with a friend and it was wonderful. This wine is a great value for $16. They have this big lawn and friendly dogs are welcome so we and Luna had a great time! If you make it to Chelan and want to spend a few hours in some comfy chairs in the shade of peach trees drinking wine and reveling in life I reccomend this place.

Things are good, Mandy's belly is huge and we are both pretty busy. Hope everbody is well!


susan said...

Wow, you're so handy. :-) And congrats on the beginnings of the tomato deluge... I wish I had a real garden. :-)

Bodie said...

Thanks, though I did tomatos in a largeish container last year and they did pretty well. The trick is that you have to really keep up on the watering. Tomatos would probably thrive in that nice western exposure you get on you back deck.