Sunday, April 22, 2007

B: Break it down y'all

I had a bit of an emototional collapse the other day. It wasn't any real big deal, but I think my body finally just said "enough"! My job on Friday went to shit and rather than stopping to re-group and make the project manager think up a new plan and go to the client for more money, I simply ran myself into the ground trying to make it work.

I did this because I have been working too hard for too long on too little sleep. I stopped thinking for myself and became a robot because it was easier. I haven't really taken a day of vacation since my paternity leave over 6 months ago and I finally just broke down. The mental physical and emotional exhaustion over took me and it was all I could do to force myself to drive home. I called work when I left the site and told them I wouldn't be in for a few days. They were good with that and that is nice because they really didn't have a choice.

We made the America's Test Kitchen enchiladas for the second time last night. I think it is a pretty good recipe, but lacking in the spicy department. I think people from the northeast don't really do spicy, and the recipe reflects that. We are goin to look into some ways to kick the flavor up a notch next time we make it. It will be jalapeno season soon, so maybe we will get some hotter than hell Yakima jalapenos and give that a shot.

Overall that ATK cook book is pretty good. They missed some of the best recipes from the magazine such as the all beef meatloaf (north-easterners know their meatloaf), and the oatmeal cherry pecan chocolate chunk cookies (yum). I highly recommend buying it or better yet, getting it as a gift.


Peter said...

Love your blog - you guys have style.
Look after yourselves and keep cooking.

Lefty said...


I enjoyed your to do list. it gave me a sense of accomplishment without actually making any effort.