Monday, May 21, 2007

B: I fought the law...

and the inlaws won.

They are finally gone today, but leaving us totally exhausted in their wake. A's parents and sister left this morning after a full week of visiting and playing with the baby. It was nice, but we are just wiped out. Sure we have had 4 days short of 8 months to get used to the baby and all, but we just aren't. All it takes is one small thing changing in our routine and we lose all feeling of control on our little world.

The laundry isn't done, we are out of food, and we haven't had a chance to unwind in a week. At least the house is as clean as it gets. We had some cleaners come in and I steamed the rugs and stuff. We still spent a week dealing with disapproving looks about how our child is clearly growing up in a sty.
Fuck it dude....

We dined at Cremant in Seattle on Saturday night. The inlaws baby sat so that we could go fetch us up some french food. It was tasty though the portions were too large. That was the case in Paris also, so I have to believe it is just a restaurant thing. I got my steak medium rare, and it was the rarest medium rare I have ever had. I guess that part was true to the spirit of french cuisine. A had the duck which was good and the onion soup was excellent. They are currently serving a Rhone that is stellar if you like such things.

A and I were thinking we would love to make a movie about us wanting to make a movie about us, but not knowing what the hell to make a movie about. Sort of am Adaptation meets Seinfeld thing with a Woody Allen vibe. We would try to get Wes Andersen to direct. A will be played by Gweneth Paltrow (ala Royal Tannenbamms including the wooden finger cuz why not), and Luke Wilson would play me (I could also go for Hugh Grant [it would be fun to be british in my movie]). Some of you might be in the movie too. Who should play you???

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