Sunday, August 05, 2007

B: Blue Angels

Well it's SeaFair time again. What does that mean to me? Bridge closures, fucked up traffic, and the general irritation that we invite the military to come strafe our urban area once a year. The Blue Angels generally practice their routine before SeaFair weekend almost directly above my building every summer, so we can't see them, but we get to spend an hour with the building lightly rattling. You can't hear people on the phone, and there is inevitably somebody that suugests we try to get up onto the roof to watch just to rediscover that the roof is locked.

Over the past few years what used to be generally irritating to me has evolved into a loathing. Maybe it's because I occasionally work on miltiary bases around this aircraft, but I just don't get the excitement. To me the blue angels are a blatant effort by the USAF to glamorize the overpriced military hardware that our government spends way too much money on to begin with. While we are at it, why don't we invite a bunch of tanks to roll down our streets for the parade, and maybe just stick around to help with security and keep us safe from the terrorists?

Oh well...At least it's a beauiful August day, and I am making grilled beef tacos tonight. Hurray!

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countjrg said...

LOL! Tanks on the streets would be great.