Monday, January 21, 2008

B: Holy Crap it's Raining!

Irony just plain hurts sometimes. Right now in Sacramento it is grey and slightly breezy with showers and temps in the high 40's to low 50's. Sound familiar? Only difference is that here this is a bad weather day with people glad for the rain.

Here we are moving into our 2nd week of the move to Sacramento so far.

The good:

The weather has been pretty frigging nice. 50's and 60's with sun everyday!!!!!!

  • We finally got the signed contract from the bank that owns the house that we want to buy. That only took 3 freaking weeks! it is no wonder the housing market is going to crap. Banks apparently don't know how, or care about selling houses.
  • I went for a really nice road ride yesterday. I did 26 miles on the river trail. sure it was flat and a bit boring, but in 26 miles I never saw a single car. NICE!!!! I also hooked up with another rider on the way home and took turns pulling down the trail for a while. We were moving along pretty good, but I guess he got tired of that so he dropped me on a small hill and I never saw him again.

  • Lily is playing with her cousin that is 7 months older once a week and getting to spend some quality time with Grandma.

The bad:
  • Our apartment is in a booty neighborhood which is just depressing. It is an enormous secure apartment complex, surrounded by office park sprawl and adjoining to some low income neighborhoods.
  • Sacramento continues to have one of the worst homeless problems of the cities that I have lived in.
  • It is taking forever to buy this dang house and we miss our stuff. Mostly our bed and our cookware. At least we have a kitchen.
Anyways, things are looking up and the move to Sac isn't a total disaster yet.

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scotty said...

road ride ist rad... that may be the only bike worth putting a computer on just so you know how fast you're going... makes the miles way more entertaining! glad it worked out!