Tuesday, January 22, 2008

B: It's still raining.

Where the hell is all that fucking sunshine I was promised!?

Mandy and I are struggling to cook meals in our shizzy little apartment without our knifes or pots or anything good and quality and not tainted by the general crapiness of the apartment. Seriously we are tired of that apartment and want our house.

I know we are snobs, but the pots just suck and the knives are not anything close to sharp. We are resisting the urge to go buy things like a sharp knife because good knives are expensive and we don't need anymore, but it is painful. I feel like I am on a really crappy camping trip that I just want to end. Tonight I think we are making chicken noodle soup. Yum. Hopefully Mandy isn't on the verge of losing her sanity from not having a proper dutch oven.

We ate Suzie Burgers last night. It was fun. Burgers aren't that great but you can get hot peppers or cheese wiz or pastrami added to your burger. Next time I am getting a cheeseburger with pastrami and a fried egg. Take that heart!

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