Friday, January 25, 2008

M: seems so out of context, in this gaudy apartment complex

Yes, it's been raining for a week.

Yes, we have crappy pots and dull knives and no coffee grinder. (I was able to pull off the chicken noodle soup though, thank you very much.)

Yes, we're staying in a ghetto-adjacant 'hood.

But then there was
yarn. And knitters. And a great coffee shop to house the knitters and their yarn.

And there is Mexican food. And Sailor Jerry lives at the supermarket (and at your local corner store, and you may even find him at the gas station). And

And there are kitchens to plan!

All in all, I think the outlook is good.


Lefty said...

The viking isa quite nice. I also like the red knobs on the Thermador, and the neat colors on the Blue Star. Maybe we can find one on sale??

greyguitar said...

I'm enjoying reading about your relocation. Even if there are the ups and downs, I'm secretly jealous and am now living vicariously through you two. ha.

susan said...

Yay!! You're posting again! Fun. :-) How neat that you've found a knitting group already. Sorry about the crummy kitchen -- of all the people I wouldn't wish that on, you two are at the top of the list. Hope all's well!

scotty said...

as has been stated before... we still have a spare bedroom if you decide sacapotatoes is not for you and you decide to head back north...