Wednesday, January 30, 2008

B: Holly brilliant shining orb!

Lots of stuff happening over the last few days.

We finally have our appraisal and the financing is moving along and things are in motion to buy the house YAY! Mandy found a daycare for L that is near the house. Better still, we were able to start right away. Yay!! The sun is shining today YAY!!!

The other day on Talk of the Nation there was a guest on talking about the modern man-boy and how this phenomenon is getting worse. I totally wanted to call this woman and chew her ass for stealing my book idea!

Seriously though, I am so totally glad that somebody is finally talking about it. For those that haven't heard me rant about this before you should probably just follow the link, listen to the piece and skip this ranting lame blog post. For those of you that enjoy belligerent rants, let me clarify. The subjects in question are "guys" (not men) 25 and older that refuse to growup in the socially accepted and meaningful ways. This includes: getting married, making a committment to their baby mama, holding down a decent job, buying a house, or investing in the future. .

The worst part is that these guys, when in relationships whine about their inability to commit to a relationship because they don't trust the institution or because mommy was a nut or daddy left them. They frequently are still trying to "find themselves" and "don't really know who they are" or where they want to be in their life. I am sorry, but these guys make me want to scream "Grow up and grow a pair you whining little bitch!". These guys are frozen in a 15 year old male mindset that they fail to mature beyond and nobody in our society is speaking up to make them.

I know this shouldn't bother me, but it does for a couple of reason. A major reason is that these guys are everywhere and I have to interact with these douche bags on a regular basis. The second is that these "dudes" are so pervasive that there are a lot of attractive smart women out there that can't find a half way decent guy. I know quite a few women that are in their late 20's that date loser after loser in a constant parade because that is all they can find.

This alone is enough to make me want to be a polygamist! Just kidding Mandy.

A final reason is that our entertainment media are overrun with these losers affirming this bullshit as a societal norm and ensuring that there will be an entire future generation of would be playboys to buy X-Boxes, jet skis, LOTR collectible swords. In just a few more years these guys will reach their 40's when they can evolve into a mid-life crisis and buy a Harley.

Having cable for the last couple of weeks has really run down my faith in our society. It is clear that the morons are in charge and there is no societal will to change this. I guess my problem is that I haven't yet thought of a way to profit off of the idiots as they drive our nation to the lowest possible standard of living.

Sorry for the rant, but the topic got me all fired up.

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