Wednesday, January 30, 2008

B: Holy brialliant orb in my hand!

Mandy, L and I decided to get out of the house on Saturday to round up some of the wonderful local citrus. Decmber and January are prime Satsuma months!! Thanks to Edible Sacramento we found the Miller Citrus Orchard, but unfortunately we didn't find anybody to sell us fruit. It was a sad sad moment. I mean we went to Penryn and everything!

As luck would have it, we decided to take our alegorical bitter citrus and make a tasty beverage by going on up to Auburn to play at the park. As we drove into town, we all but stumbled upon the Auburn Farmers Market. The market wasn't anything special, but oddly enough there was a certain farmer Miller there selling mandarines of several varieties out of the back of a 1970's era Chevy pick-up.

All I can say is DAMN!!!! They are good. I think I prefer the Satsuma to the Clementine, but both are good. Either would make a killer screw driver or mimosa. That is of couse if we could avoid eating them long enough to juice them.

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