Friday, February 01, 2008

B: Private thoughts

Just a quick note to bitch about the invite only blog concept. I totally get it if you want your blog to be a family and friends only thing for privacy reasons, or if you are just sick to death of negative comments, but it totally bums me out. Back when we were devout bloggers we had tons of regular anonymous readers, and that was fine. I myself have been an anonymous reader of several blogs for years, and I hope that this doesn't bugs those people too much either. Unfortunately it seems that a swelling number of blogs are becoming invite only, and I am no longer allowed to read...

All of their thought have become private. So sad. I wonder why they keep the blog.

Looks like the sun may break through today!

1 comment:

scotty said...

... i always figured they were JUST blocking ME (and i'm surprised you guys haven't yet either!

ha haaaaa ha HA!