Thursday, February 21, 2008

it's not just a house, it's an adventure

That's what I kept telling myself over and over today as I was painting ceilings. All afternoon. We've realized that when you buy a house that's 50 years old, you're also buying 50 years of "updates" and "repairs" that other people have done. And for some reason, it always seems like no one else does things as well as they should. It's no surprise, but we're still a bit shocked when we find a small square of wallpaper left behind the thermostat, or two layers of poorly-installed trim around the sliding doors...

When a house sits empty for 8 months, it gets pretty grimy. The spider that I saw in the tub disappeared, so lately I've been reduced to checking all around the toilet before I sit down.

There's a LOT to be done. We're both pretty motivated though, and we're used to projects with lists of tasks that seem endless, so we're not too overwhelmed. Just be prepared to see a bunch of before and after photos (once we find the camera and cord). It's going to be quite a year! (And if anyone comes to vist, we're going to put you to work. Hope you like pulling ivy!)


Anonymous said...

Heck yes I like pulling ivy, I'll see you next week!!!

scotty said...

SWEET! Congrats Southside Peeps!

we'll be down as soon as i get a free couple of minutes!

susan said...

Ugh! Painting ceilings is by far the worst -- you've shamed me into picking back up on painting primer -- a much easier task. :-) Now I'm down to touch ups in the fish room, 2 walls in the master bedroom, and painting the family room... Who finishes first? :-)

Good luck with the first round of projects!!

Merce said...

Ooooh, painting ceilings. Zoikes! I hope you have a good masseuse down there for that kink in your neck.

Your cat is missing you... we haven't been around much and she thinks we are terrible until we sit still to be cat furniture. She hopes you come to get her soon... She's even willing to put up with the little one pulling on her tail if means she gets some quality attention. Poor thing. She does seem to enjoy the tuna though.

Also, I have the lock ring for the XT wheels and the rotor is on the way. I apologize for mistakingly omitting the lock ring in the parts pile before we both left.

Lefty said...

Merce, Thank you so much for getting that lockring for me!!! I hope to see you guys soon.