Wednesday, March 12, 2008

B: The real Chunk Shady?

We are nearing the 3 month mark in Sacto, so I have prepared some observations in comparing Sac to Seattle:

  • The air is really dry and kind of dusty. Our faces are always a little dirtier and dryer than we are used to.
  • White people here are a bit more redneck middle america.
  • It is a way more "diverse" here than we remember. I am totally unaccustomed to seeing so many young people of color all over the place. Unfortunately, I have yet to see any groups of young black men throwing down rhymes on a street corner, so my 8 Mile fantasy has yet to come true.
  • It is definitely a bit more suburban here and people take casualness a bit further than we are used to. We don't mean the "i'm outdoorsy" casual or the "i'm uber hip" casual, but the "i am a slob wearing sweat pants" casual.
  • Sacto is flat. You know how Seattle has a fucking hill everywhere you turn, and it makes cycling there a bit more challenging? Not so here. It is flat. I can do the 12 miles from the house to the office in <45
  • It is way harder to find the pockets of coolness that exist in any city when you have a kid. Amanda and I knew the places that we liked in Seattle from our pre-marriage, pre-baby days. Now with the kid in tow it is harder to try out all of the dessert cafes and thai restaurants to find the ones that are the best.
  • People drive fast here and it is good. You know my ridiculously overpowered turbo charged neon? Yep, it makes a whole lot of sense here where merging at 90 miles an hour is occasionally the appropriate thing to do, not just the fun thing to do.
  • It is spring and 70 degrees every day for the last week mofo! When I flew to Seattle this weekend it was 45 and grey. When I got home it was 70 and sunny. I know it will be 90+ soon, but spring is awesome.

While we were in the ghetto apartment waiting to get into our house, Mandy and I started playing some games like, How high can you stack Lily's blocks? (ANSWER = 13). I made up a new game I like to call, How many plastic animals can you stack?, but it didn't really catch on.


scotty said...

you need to add another label to this post and it's fantastic closing photo...

and that label is:

Lefty said...

Unfortunately I am afraid I would only use the label once. Like I said, the game never caught on.