Friday, March 14, 2008

B: Lame Friday post

I have two blog topics for today. First, I just found this blog again after several years, and it is funnier than I remember. Oakpark Mastermind, Thank you. Here's a quote to give you an idea of how lowbrow and witty she is. Background, she is a making an alphabetical list of things not to be thankful for:

K. ky jelly commercials. have you ever seen one of those commercials? they
are all filled with people who look like they have never had sex in their life.
people that are like 'try a massage with this new ky warming liquid!' UH, THAT
SHIT IS NOT FOR MASSAGES, THAT SHIT IS FOR FUCKING. how come commercials for shampoo are all about fucking and commercials for ky jelly are about wholesome activities such as massage therapy?

A rational critique of the hipocracy of our puritanical policies within media. Certainly well trodden territory but well aimed. I choose to give some possibly undeserved credit and assume that the entire blog is a satire. It is more entertaining and droll that way. Plus it allows me to be in on the joke and feel smart and use the word droll which I totally love.

mishief managed.

Secondly, I am bringing back an old cumulus tradition of a puppy on friday.

So heres a puppy! Let's hope this puppy finds a nice loving home that will change it's name from Elvis to something that doesn't suck. I hate people names for pet's. I think we ought to have a new class of names assigned specifically to animals. I personnally like naming animals after food, but sandwich never really stuck for kitty, and I didn't come up with the idea until after we had Luna for a while. If we were to get a new dog I would call it salsa. There now I got dibs.

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Anonymous said...

That was fuckin' hilarious. I miss you guys!

Ben's Mama