Saturday, March 15, 2008

click and clack!

(Sorry Susan, not these guys.)

These guys! Car Talk! I got to talk to them! Earlier this week! And chances are pretty good that I'll be on the air next weekend!!! As B said... That is sooooo cool! In a nerdy sort of way.
So I've been having this car "issue" for a while and kept thinking that I should call - that it would be an "issue" that Tom and Ray might be interested in, and I finally did call, a couple weeks ago. Time went by, and I finally heard back from Louie Cronin the Barbarian and then Wednesday I got to actually talk to them! It was super fun. Apparently they usually tape more calls then they have time for, so there's no guarantee that I'll be on, but it's pretty likely. The show airs next weekend, so find your station and listen up! (I think I'm in the third half of the show, right after the puzzler.)

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susan said...

That has to be one of the most impressive things any of my friends have done in the last month. Way to be! I'll have to listen. :-)

And I love that the dudes got a mention!

I painted (a bit) of trim today. +1 for me, but too bad each ceiling is +5. I think I'm falling back in the count. I really felt for you on the purple...