Tuesday, March 18, 2008

computer nerd advice please!

Last week we got the phone and internet service activated at the house, but we couldn’t find any phone jacks that worked. B went hunting around the outside of the house to find the main phone box and found this:

It’s an Allied Telesyn AT-RG656BD. Not quite sure exactly what it does. One website said this:
“The AT-RG656 is a member of the RG600 series new family of residential gateways from Allied Telesyn, an evolution of the successful RG200 series. It adds powerful Layer 3 capabilities as well as enhanced VoIP features set. Moreover, it offers optical connection to the WAN. The RG600 series supports up to 16 IEEE 802.1Q tagged VLAN operation across its 6 x 10/100Mbps switch ports. Hence, it offers a powerful combination of wirespeed Layer 2 switching between VLANs as well as high performance Layer 3 routing between VLANs in one highly cost effective unit.”

Umm… okay. What he said.

One thing we do know is that on the front it says something about VoIP. And a couple websites said something about it being used for Triple Play packages. And we’ve got random cables coming out of the walls in a few of the rooms. All we can think is that the people who lived at the house before us had some sort of phone/internet/cable package and this was installed to handle the system. Somehow the main phone line was diverted and all the phone jacks were attached to this thing for the internet phone service.

What we want to know is if there is an easy way to disconnect the big box router thing and quickly reconnect our home to old-school land lines? Or is this thing super cool and we should totally get a voice/internet package? Does anyone have experience with VoIP?
What do you think, internets?

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