Friday, March 28, 2008

B: You been out riding fences

Why does everybody cover Desperado? It's such a lame song! When I am a recording artist of national recognition, and Rick Rubin suggets that I cover Desperado, I am just going to say "Go screw Rick. That song is lame. And for christ sake, can we have less cowbell?".

I am currently leading my NCAA bracket thingy, which is awesome and hilarious to me. I know next to nothing about college hoops. I generally pick teams based upon mascot. You know, if a bulldog can beat a cardinal in a fight, I go with the bulldog (unless I feel bad for the mascot because they are like a disadvantaged race that is being exploited as a mascot). Actually, that is a good question. Are we ever going to get to the point that we can stop using native americans and other races as sports team and school mascots? Vikings were people too!

The dudes and dudettes over at UBrdo bike shop in Kirkland, WA are planning a sick, awesome, rad, gnarly trip to Whistler for opening weekend at the bike park. I think I am going, and you should too cuz it is going to be epic.

I finished Phase 1 of the home network set-up. The Cat 5E and wireless are in and working awesome, and the phone gets configured today. Phase II involves re-running all of the co-ax that currently exterior to the house and drilled through the walls, down into the crawl space and hooked into the Leviton plates that I installed. I didn't do it now, because, we don't currently have a TV so it seemed like a low priority. YAY it works. I invented the internet at my house. Now I am even more like Al Gore.

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