Sunday, March 23, 2008

(fan)tastic, eh?

So I don't normally post about work, BUT...

I'm having some issues. Recently my mid-sized environmental consulting company was merged with (ie bought by) a much larger company that does all sorts of design, planning, engineering, architecture, surveying, etc. Before, we had about 700 people nation-wide, which was big enough to be able to draw on all sorts of resources, but still small enough that you knew the people to know, and you knew who was working on which projects. Overnight, we've grown 10-fold in employees, let alone money... My new company grossed almost one billion dollars last year. One BILLION! Wow.

This could be really good. Like raises and good management and accounting systems that make sense. But then again, when I started out in consulting, I shyed away from the bigger companies. I didn't want to be pigeon-holed. We've always been wary of them because they can get too big for themselves and collapse under their own weight. This new company doesn't even specialize in environmental - we're now just a division. What happens if we're not profitable enough? They can easily drop a division and no one would even notice...

Crap. So again, I'm a bit conflicted. We'll have to see how things progress. I knew when I started in this industry that these things happen and I'm not too surprised, but it's taking some adjusting.

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