Monday, May 12, 2008

i can't wait for the kenny g

My parents were never hip. They didn't have friends, they didn't go to shows, they didn't drink beer. There was no record player and no dancing. There were suits and ties. There were businesses and stability and "the smart thing to do."

I've got to imagine that they were kids at some point. That they weren't always so... adult-ish.

When does the transformation occur? Is it a quick overnight change? Am I going to be wearing indie-rock tee-shirts one day and blouses with brooches the next? Or is it more of a gradual shift, and one day five years from now I'm going to be wondering why I even bothered downloading John in the morning, when it's much easier to listen to the new Kenny G CD?

Or were they secretly hip? Maybe after I went to sleep they'd bust out the vinyl and drink a bottle of red wine on the back patio. Maybe mom really slept in a vintage Doors concert tee but then put on full-length nightgowns when I came into the room.

Now I'm not sayin' that we're crazy cool hipster cats, but we do like to enjoy a beverage or two, and we have been known to go see some live music. Although we are also complaining about our neighbor's loud music, and B started reminiscing about how when he was little, you could get gumballs for a penny. Crap - there's no turning back now. Bring on the Kenny G.

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