Friday, May 16, 2008

B: Site tracker stats, coffe, and the single most awesome piece of cookware in the entire fricking world!

Due to this post about the strapless panties, our blog is getting hits from all over the world. If you search for that brand of panty, we are the first image that comes up. Anyways, it is strange because apparently strapless panties are a world wide phenomenon. Kind of gross really!

Another strange one is that we occasionally title our posts with obscure song lyrics (Death Cab for Cutie, and Modest Mouse mostly) and we get a lot of hits by people seaching google for song lyrics. How strange is that? Do you think people are trying to figure the name of a song they heard or are they looking for deeper meaning in their music?

On another note, OMG what is up with the CoffeeGeek and related websites. I am glad they exist cuz we got a lot of great info, but really!!!! These people have spent soooooo much time on home esspresso making it is like they are addicts (hmmm might want to cut back myself). Imagine if we could get the type of free community participation and involvement on forums about crap that actually matters instead of forums and blogs about cars and knitting and coffee ("Ummm hey Pot, it's Kettle. How have you been? Anyways, I have been meaning to mention something to you for a while now....").

Things I learned from coffee geek and related sites:

  1. Not knowing any better, we bought our espresso machine based partially on looks and ended up with the most popular of a long list of mediocre home machines. For the money we could have done a lot better. Whatever.
  2. Our machine is actually desinged to be slightly idiot proof which prevents it from making really awful esspresso and really good espresso. This was actually neat to learn, because now we know that we can replace the basket with the non-idiot proof version and stop the clogging issue we have been having.
  3. Our grinder, while a nice burr grinder for coffee, is not an espresso grinder. Period. It has no adjustability in the esspresso range. Whatever, we didn't buy it for espresso and we knew before these wizards told us that it sucks for espresso so that was no revelation.
  4. I learned, most importantly, that nobody should follow our example and buy our coffee stuff. You have seen it at our house and on our blog, but that doesn't mean it is any good. We didn't research any of it and some of it doesn't work very well at all.

So there! I thought we were due for an equipment review on the new espresso machine so there it is. It makes espresso that is drinkable and a lot cheaper than the daily latte and waaaaaaaaaaay less agravating to me when it comes to actually getting an espresso drink that hasn't been totally f'ed up. Neat. It just isn't great. I might reccomend it over some other equally crappy machines because it is pretty, but it could easily be replaced with a better machine for the same money.

If you want to look to us for a product reccomendation, I think we would both agree on one single product..... Buy a Le'Crueset dutch oven! Just do it. You are dumb if you don't. Feel the peer pressure and just do it! They are awesome, and if you don't think so, then you are a misinformed tard.

PS, you probably shouldn't click that last link. don't judge me, I warned you.


Anonymous said...

I held myself back from clicking that last link. But, I am going to purchase a LeCrueset dutch oven for the new apartment-Meredith

Lefty said...

That is awesome! I thought of you when I posted the tard comment. You should follow the link and read the first post. You will be disappointed and amused. You can always blame me.