Tuesday, June 17, 2008

B: N* and LMTFAD

I had a great day before LMTFAD up at Northstar doing some sick epic totally rad downhill mountain bike riding. The resort doesn't really have it totally figured out yet, the trails are a littel awkward with jumpsa that are too long followed by jumps that are too short. They have 5 foot drops to flat landings that are already dished out, and more loose rock and dust than they know what to do with. It was fun, but they are definitely feeling some growing pains and not quite in the same league as Whistler.

Other than that, I spent the actual LMTFAD sanding the kitchen cabinets. They are coming out pretty good, and I am about half done. I think we may be able to stain these rather than paint them, so I am super stoked.

Hope everybody had a good "fathers day".

PS - Funny thing happened up at Northstar...I ran into Amanda's roomate from freshman year of college. Yes the one that I dated for like 3 months. Totally awkward! I hadn't seen her in almost 8 years, but I have the feeling that I am going to continue to cross paths with her forever. Too many similar interests. She is just as crazy as ever.

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