Friday, July 18, 2008

B: Bikes and stuff

I am heading to Northstar tomorrow morning for some downhill bicycle riding of the gnar variety (as Scotty informs be the kids say). Because of all of the smoke this year I have spent a lot less time on the bike this year than in years past and my belt is starting to take note. As such I am super stoked to get out and at least ride down a hill.

I am still doing the DH stuff on the Super8. Got hooked up with a loaner 888 and I swapped in the Saint cranks got some decent pedals and bled up the hope M4s. The rest is vintage 2001 which is beyond ancient for downhill gear, but it is still holding strong. I would love to be riding a newer more tunable frame, but I just don't like DH enough yet to spend the money.

The Transition Preston is still holding strong though collecting dust of late. My XC drive train issues continue to be a constant problem and I am limping along with a moderately bent XT Shadow waiting for the Saint Shadow to become available. I swapped the Saint wheels and RD onto the Preston for Downieville (2 months ago) and that was a pretty sick combo. Light XT gear with bomber hubs and wheels. The bike rode and pedaled way better than the DH guys but could definitely benefit from some chain guidance.

Of all of the bikes I have right now, the one that is making me happiest is my road bike. I got it as a great used bike deal from Scotty at uBRDO and it is definitely been the best bike dollar I ever spent. It is an older Lemond (steel), which fits pretty damn good, is nice and light and makes me feel super awesome fast. Before the smoke came in I was riding that thing semi-regular and getting some pretty respectable leg strength. I like to pretend that my commute home is a race and see how many people I can pass.

Hope to post some pics when I get back from N* on Sunday.

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