Thursday, July 10, 2008

new animal friend

No, we didn't get another dog. Although I do think a little lab puppy would be good for Luna. But that's for another day.

As I went out to get the mail yesterday, I ran into this cute little girl chillin in a corner of the garage:

I was only about 98% sure what she was upon the inital visual inspection, as I didn't feel the need to get close enough to inspect the belly markings. But the zoom on the camera confirmed the pretty little red hourglass I had suspected. I'd seen her scurrying away a few times before, but yesterday she was apparently comfortable enough to hang out in the open.

Not too smart on her part though, as the half can of Raid I emptied on her and her web probably made it so we won't be friends for long.


greyguitar said...

that was certainly an exciting thing to see in my google reader as i sipped my coffee on my day off. haha.

that is the biggest widow i think i've ever seen. and bizarre that she was out in the open too.

susan said...

Oh, geeez. I'm just as glad we didn't get a chance to meet while we were there...

Anonymous said...

I hoped you looked at the MSDS and signed the HASP before opening fire on that black widow.

Anonymous said...

Well done A!