Monday, September 15, 2008


Five years ago today we were driving the Interstellar Sphagnum Rocket (AKA the Ranger) from Ashland to Kirkland, keeping the truck alive with sheer will to get back to the Seattle area so we could pack and leave for our honeymoon the next day. Two days prior, we stood in the sunshine in Santa Cruz in some really nice clothes and gave eath other some pretty rings and promised to spend the rest of our lives together. (It was a good day.)

This year, we dropped the Little One off at grandma's house and ran away to San Francisco for the weekend. We had a great time walking and eating our way through the city (and Berkley too). Unfortunately we didn't take pictures of the masterpieces at Chez Panisse (which was slightly disappointing and the subject of future posts, I'm sure), but we did get a couple shots of breakfast the next morning. We found this tiny place a block from the hotel, with about 6 tables and 6 seats at the bar, but it was fantastic. The pictures look a bit unappatizing, but it's not easy shooting eggs. Brian had the chupacabra (eggs, shedded pork, white beans, and an avocado-kiwi-lime salsa):
And I had some of the best eggs benedict in the world. (And that's saying a lot. I love me some eggs bennie. They had a homemade english muffin, and the ham was dee-lish, and the eggs were perfectly cooked, and the sauce wasn't too lemony or runny... I could go on, but deconstructing eggs bendedict wasn't the point of this post, so here's a pic.)
And we ended up at Golden Gate Park and wandered around the outside of the Conservatory of Flowers:Dahlias, as far as you could see...All in all, we ended up walking way more than we had planned, and everything didn't quite fall into place perfectly, but we still had a really good time. Good food, bread, chocolate, sleeping in... Doesn't really get much better than that...

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