Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I went for a ride with Steve on Sunday last. We rode the Foresthill divide connector trail and it was pretty gnar. The trail is packed nicely and had only a moderate level of underweight lycra cross country dweeb traffic (as opposed to overweight freeride poseur traffic). The trail mostly rolls and winds up the hill with only a few big sustained climbs on the way up and a few on the way back. The return trip drops only a couple of hundred or so feet, but this modest drop is achieved in series of rollers that requires that you pedal the whole thing to keep it going.

I manged to pedal through all of the rollers on the drop at top speed for the first time this trip and it was brilliant! All of the key corners are bermed, the trail is butter, and the only trick is remembering which corners can be jumped across without carrying too much speed into the next.
The views were nice and the open fall canopy was really calming under the oak and madrone. I stole all of these pics off of flickr as I rarely remember to take pics of my own. Here's one of me hitting a sick jump.

It may not be northwest riding, but it isn't too bad...

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scotty said...

dood... where'd you get the 'copter!!?? sick! we just decided the uBRDO needs a copter and a boat to land it on (we'll call it the uBOAT)... i guess first we need to make enough to pay me a salary!

that is definitely the gnar.