Thursday, November 13, 2008


Since it’s cooled off a bit and some storms have been rolling through I’ve been busting out with the winter-weather foods. Soups, chili, stews, pumpkin bread, all the good stuff. We’ve been trying to make a big fat Sunday night meal every week – you know, one of those meals that simmers on the stove (or in the oven) all afternoon and you’ve been smelling beefy goodness for a few hours before you know it’s ready? And then you have beefy goodness leftovers for the next couple days? B made an awesome chili about a month ago and then a couple weeks after that I busted out my famous meatloaf. Good fun.

Last month I tested a recipe for Cook’s Illustrated – chocolate cake made with mayo. It was surprisingly good, but I’m still not sure how I feel about putting mayo in a cake. There’s something about that just doesn’t feel right.

We’re headed down to the OC for Thanksgiving, and it should be interesting. It’ll be the first one without mom there, and grandma’s getting too old to be unsupervised in the kitchen (the last time we allowed her to make a couple dishes they came out almost inedible), so I’m taking charge and being the head chef. Except it’s in my dad’s kitchen, and he can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds, and he can’t stand not being in charge, and my sister and her husband are crazy picky eaters, and B and I are food snobs. Should be good times, for sure. Wish us luck.

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