Thursday, November 13, 2008

something strange is afoot at the circle K

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Casa Cumulus. Things have been a-cookin and we haven’t really had a chance to reflect on it all. Here’s a brief rundown.

  • Halloween
  • Kitchen
  • Yard
  • Pregnancy
  • Cooking

And oh yeah, somewhere in there was an election, which was pretty cool. (All except for an extremely disheartening and disappointing surprise by my fellow Californians.)

Following are a few posts with some details.


Merce said...

Whew! Thanks for putting up some posts... I was starting to get nervous about what was going on at the Casa Cumulus. Everything cute and all the food sounds yummy. Although, I'm with on the mayo in the cake thing. I think I need some lunch.

scotty said...

how weird that merce was just on here too! hope you guys are well and i REALLY wish you guys were coming up for Turkey Day! we actually have enough room for all the people we're going to stuff into the place for the first time ever!!

i have a Green King headset for Lefty if'n he still wants it too... lemme know!