Thursday, November 13, 2008


Another reason to like Sacramento… Free trees! All you have to do is call up the county and a tree guy will come out to your house and tell you where you have room for more trees. Then you choose from a list and they bring the trees to your house! (Well supposedly they bring the trees. We’re still waiting for them.) Way cool. We’re expecting two lavender crepe myrtles. (I didn't know what crepe myrtles either until we moved here and saw them everywhere, and realized that we totally had to have one.) Here's a picture of one:

Pretty, no?

We’ve also been working doing a bunch of cleanup from the summer season. B got up on the roof last weekend and hacked down a whole bunch of tree while I stayed down on the ground and cleaned up our tomatoes and weeds. I also got to pull out a bunch of little miniature trees that have been sprouting up, which while exhausting, was satisfying too.

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susan said...

The crepe myrtles are gorgeous -- no wonder you're so excited about them. :-)