Saturday, April 04, 2009

A little over a year ago I received some wonderful yarn from a good friend, with the specific instructions that I make something for myself with it. I have a hard time doing that, and it was such pretty and soft yarn that I couldn't quite think of the right project. It was the perfect weight for some winter socks, but I just couldn't justify using an alpaca/silk blend on my feet. Finally, after I had finished a sweater for the Little One (who indeed is not so little anymore and uses a lot of yarn for a sweater), a couple Christmas washcloth-flowers for our daycare lady,  and quickly snuck in another little mystery project, I found myself ready to use up that yarn. A hat seemed like a good idea, since I don't really have any that I like, and then my head gets cold. An alpaca/silk hat sounds fantastic, doesn't it? 

Well it's finally complete: 

It's based on theNorwegian Star Earflap hat, changed a bit to accommodate an extremely different gauge, but the chart and idea is all the same. I also included some crochet edging to keep it from rolling up and poofing out, as I found my gauge in the beginning to be noticeably different than the fair-isle gauge. It's a bit silly, and not perfect, but I really like it. And it's so soft and warm I really don't want to take it off. (Yes, it does cool off in the evenings. To like 60 degrees. Brrr. And they say we might get some more rain next week. So I'll need it then for sure.)

Thanks Merce!

PS. I may or may not be in labor right now. Things are moving at a decidedly different pace with this one, and contractions are coming at odd intervals. Soon though... think good thoughts!


susan said...

Wow, the hat is gorgeous. You did such a nice job on the colorwork -- one of these days I have to learn to do that!

Anonymous said...

That hat is perfect, nice job!!! Also, it is supposed to be 70 degrees here today.- Meredith

Merce said...

You did a beautiful job with your hat! It looks great with you in it.