Tuesday, November 03, 2009

i like to eat turkey in a big brown shoe

It's finally been confirmed that I do indeed get to cook Thanksgiving this year. Yay! It won't be in my own kitchen, but I think that's okay since the kitchen I'll be cooking in could fit a small army. In preperation for the big day, I've been pouring through past issues of Gourmet (RIP) to find some new ideas. I've got lots of ideas and will be attempting to try out the recipes on the fam before they make it to the Thanksgiving table. Which means, if all goes according to plan, we will be eating very well for the next few weeks. Yum.

Over the weekend we tried the beet-pickled deviled eggs. Which were really just a sneaky way to make deviled eggs look pretty. But since B and I don't really need too many excuses to make deviled eggs, we were all over it. Dee-lish. Don't think we'll make them for Thanksgiving though - they seemed more suited to the Halloween party table that they were on. I really wish I had remembered to snap a picture. Instead I'll leave you with the picture from the magazine:

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Ande said...

We always deep fry our turkey for Thanksgiving but I have made aturkey the last couple of years for Christmas and Martha Stewart has the BEST sage Turkey recipe:) YOu put sage leaves under the skin....sooooo good! And putting it in a brine for like 24-48 hours makes it so juicy and yummy. Martha also has a wonderful gravy recipe made with white wine. Oh, I could go on, can you tell I'm excited or turkey day?! Keep me posted on your recipe trying out:)