Friday, January 21, 2005

Sir Gonzalez the not so brave

There is a great article on Slate about what cowards Alberto Gonzalez and the Bush administration are for not standing up for the principles they seem to so vociferously apply behind closed doors. This same journalist has written several articles with the same theme, and I strongly recommend reading several of them. I think it is becoming clear there has been a major theme throughout this presidency.

If Bush truly believes in a strong presidency and the power of federalism, then why the fuck won't anybody in his administration take responsibility for any of their actions? Cheney (anybody say Enron?), Rumsfeld (scapegoat the soldiers for his and the presidents orders and lack of planning), Ashcroft (abusing federal drug enforcement laws to stop Oregon assisted suicide), Powell (Tenet admitted that the president and therefore Powell knew the intelligence was weak at best and contradicted what was known based upon 7 years of weapons inspections), Rice (lied and then backpedal about it before a senate committee when presented with the direct quotes about the reason for the war in Iraq), are all liars, and I am sure I have missed a bunch more. And now we have Gonzalez the coward who won't stand up for his torture memos.

Bush was born with a silver spoon and spent his youth as an irresponsible drunk. He ran several companies into the ground, he dodged military service and he was bailed out of jail more than once by his daddy. He has never had to take responsibility for his actions and he doesn't ask his cronies to do so either. He is a liar and his buddies are too.

Back in the Clinton years the Heritage Foundation (A NeoCon think tank) developed the strategy used to lure Bill into the trap of lying about his personal affairs. If that was grounds for impeachment then there is surely grounds for it throughout the last four years of Bush's policy. It's time for the Dems to organize and develop a strategy to hold these guys accountable for the fleecing of America.

edited by Bodie several times for readability.