Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Well finally a judge has had the decency to come out and say that a US citizen (Jose Pedilla) can't be held indefinetely without due process. It is about fucking time. I realize the guy probably is a terrorist or at least a terrorist sympathizer, but he is also a citizen and deserves to have his rights protected.

The way I look at it, these days anybody that doesn't agree with the president (1/2 the nation) can be considered a terrorist. It doesn't really mean anything to call somebody a terrorist or an enemy combatant. These are terms society has adopted to categorize some very different actions. You can pretend that the words enemy combatant mean something specific, but it is just an excuse to hold 1,000 boys and men on gilligans island, with no process and no hope of ever being released.

Could an American citizen be taken off the street and held indefinetley with no charges and no contact with the outside world (family, lawyers ect) for several years? Yes it is happening right now and it is about time that we stand up and say this is not what we stand for. You can't pretend to be democracy if our leaders use their secret police to control society.

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Noir Muse said...

Damn, it's a mad world out there. I only became acutely aware of Jose after a "This American Life" episode on NPR. Was this not publicized on the TV or is it true that Americans so easily forget?

Chilling, really, what it going on.

By the way - I reread 1984 after you posted the link on your blog. I was riveted to the screen for two days (cheating on my work hours, ignoring my cats, staying up late...) Thanks for posting the link.