Tuesday, March 01, 2005

purple wigs and tights

Where has my motivation gone? I think I may have left it somewhere over the weekend because it sure ain’t here with me now. Maybe I dropped it at the dog park on Saturday. Do you think it’ll be in the lost and found basket when I go back tomorrow?

I may have to go buy some if I can’t find it. I bet they sell it on eBay. How much does motivation go for these days?

I’ve decided I need a wig. And some fishnet tights. And then I can go out for a night on the town and be all crazy in my wacky-this-is-so-not-me-so-I-can-get-away-with-anything getup. I think a purple wig would look just right.

This site gives me the chills. It’s kinda cool but still a little creepy to be reading people’s secrets. Interesting though.

stand by your statue cracks me up! We need to start doing this. Very silly.

Have you ever noticed that the word lettuce is really an odd word? Lettuce. Look at it. Lettuce. If you think about it too much it doesn't really appear to be spelled right. Lettuce.


greyguitar said...

eighth = randomly ask someone to spell it in their head and then watch how puzzled they seem that their way isn't correct

pearl = it's just one of those words that if i say it over and over, it doesn't sound word-ish anymore

moist = just a weird word altogether

greyguitar said...

those sites are very interesting by the way.

they are like books i can't put down.

countjrg said...

Interesting statue site. I also recommend this one: http://www.statuemolesters.com

mandy said...

Eighth! I had a hard time spelling that even while looking at it on the screen! Who thought of that one?

Almostgrace said...

I love wigs too! They help me handle rejection very well. I would wear them onstage and if people were'nt paying attention to my songs, I just blamed it on the wig. So fun. Last time I put on a bright red wig, Jules freaked out. I think she thought I was someone else...